Ruhr Graduate School in Economics - Ph.D. studies

Optimal Taxation of Human Capital, Ph.D. dissertation, 2011. Download [PDF, 815 kb]

Optimal Taxation of Education with an Initial Endowment of Human Capital, Ruhr Economic Papers #210, 2010. Download [PDF, 1774 kb]

Taxing Human Capital: A Good Idea, Ruhr Economic Papers #202, 2010. Download [PDF, 231 kb]

Efficient Subsidization of Human Capital Accumulation with Overlapping Generations and Endogenous Growth, CESifo Working Paper No. 2982, joint with Wolfram F. Richter, 2010. Download [PDF, 466 kb]

What Have We Learned? Assessing Labor Market Institutions and Indicators, IZA Discussion Paper No. 3470, joint with Werner Eichhorst and Michael Feil, 2008. Download [PDF, 313 kb]

University of Bonn - Master studies

Optimal Unemployment Insurance and Administrative Costs, Thesis, 2006, supervised by Prof. Georg Nöldeke. Download [PDF, 492 kb].

Gerard R. Butter′s 1977 paper Equilibrium Distributions of Sales and Advertising Prices, Seminar presentation, 2005. Download [PDF, 170 kb].

David Ricardo′s Theory of Value, Essay, 2004. Download [PDF, 31 kb].

W. Henry Chui's and Edi Karni's 1998 paper Endogenous Adverse Selection and Unemployment Insurance, Seminar Presentation, 2004. Download [PDF, 140 kb].